Instant + Accurate Body Temperature Alerts

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Dennis Security and Professional Services

Keep your Austin, TX home safe no matter where you are with professional security solutions and remote viewing

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Dennis Security and Professional Services

From small retail spaces to larger commercial buildings, Dennis Security And Professional Services uses the latest tech to provide total peace of mind in Austin, TX.

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Dennis Security and Professional Services

Dennis Security And Professional Services protects Austin, TX houses of worship from all threats of violence, burglary, or vandalism for stress free fellowship every day.

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Dennis Security and Professional Services

Protect your students and staff with the latest surveillance and access control system.

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Our Video Security Solution

Video Security

Our Dennis Security And Professional Services video security captures all of the footage you need while deterring criminals from ever stepping foot on your Austin, TX property.

Recording Devices

With Dennis Security And Professional Services recording devices at your Austin, TX commercial or residential property, you capture exactly what you need to capture.

Remote Monitoring

Remote monitoring lets you view your Austin, TX video footage from vacation, a business trip, or wherever your day may take you.



Professional installation with Dennis Security And Professional Services ensures your security system works just as it should for your Austin, TX area property of any type.


Our Dennis Security And Professional Services professionals fully train each of our Austin, TX clients to make sure you know all of the ins and outs of your full security installation.

Ongoing Support

With professional support and maintenance, Austin, TX property owners can rest assured their security is always being taken care of.

How It Works

  • Free Expert Walkthrough
  • Custom System Design
  • Installation & Training
  • Warranties & Support

Free Expert Walkthrough

With a consultation and full app demo from Dennis Security And Professional Services, our Austin, TX clients will feel completely confident in their choice of security system when they experience our free expert walkthrough.

Custom System Design

No two security needs are exactly the same, so no two security solutions will be the same either. Dennis Security And Professional Services carries out custom system design with a proposal and bid to follow so each Austin, TX clients knows just what to expect.

Installation & Training

Every Austin, TX client will be fully trained on all hardware and software after the installation of their custom security system. Dennis Security And Professional Services wants all clients to be completely confident in using their system inside and out.

Warranties & Support

A 3 year parts warranty and 1 year installation guarantee gives peace of mind that your system will work when you need it the most. One on one support with our Dennis Security And Professional Services experts answer your questions and keeps you using your security system confidently.

Give Us a Call to Schedule Your Security Consultation

With flexibility as a priority, Dennis Security And Professional Services can work with you remotely when you need us. Call now for an assessment so we can begin your custom proposal.

512 916-4100

Industries We Serve

Commercial Businesses

Dennis Security And Professional Services addresses all of the needs of today’s Austin, TX commercial businesses. With custom solutions tailor made to your specific business, your security needs are always covered just as they need to be.

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Church leaders can experience complete peace of mind knowing their visitors and congregants are safe each time they walk through those doors. Houses of worship are secured in a custom fashion to suit your budget, building, and schedule.

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Keeping kids safe is a priority of the Austin, TX community. School security systems are custom crafted to address all potential threats, allowing local young people to go to school each day only worrying about their daily lessons.

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Your home is your personal sanctuary, and Austin, TX homeowners want to keep their most important investments optimally protected. Dennis Security And Professional Services residential security provides the peace you need to feel at home in your home.

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Thermal Temperature Detection Solutions

Many businesses are now contemplating installing temperature detection solutions near the main entry of their facility to prevent the introduction and spread of the Coronavirus.

These temperature detection zones require reliable, fast, effective ways to measure human body temperatures and to identify those with abnormal readings so they can be pulled aside for further evaluation or refused access.

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Thermal detection camera system

Why Choose Us

No Recurring Cost

No recurring or licensing costs allows us at Dennis Security And Professional Services to provide budget friendly quotes and proposals to all of our Austin, TX community members. Your price is your price with nothing hidden

3-Year Product Warranty

By using only the highest quality hardware, Dennis Security And Professional Services is able to offer a 3-year Alibi product warranty on all of our new installations in Austin, TX. Should anything falter in your hardware, it’s taken care of.

Thorough Quality Control

Quality is a top priority with our professionals at Dennis Security And Professional Services, and thorough quality control is something we extend to each and every Austin, TX client we serve with our security solutions.

Exceptional Customer Service

Every Austin, TX resident or business owner we serve experiences the same exceptional customer service regardless of the complexity of their installation or budget size. We treat our community with the utmost respect.

Professional Support

With Dennis Security And Professional Services professional support, your system is always working as it should and Austin, TX clients always know how to use it. Whenever you have trouble, one on one support is ready and waiting.

What Our Customers Say

"Thanks for reaching out. I used to have to deal weekly with people complaining about our last patrol service. I have not heard a thing (which around here we take as a good thing!). The weekend staff seems very happy and I appreciate the thoroughness with the patrols. I am very very pleased with you all."


"Thank you, Anthony. This has been submitted to AP for processing. Your guard was excellent. Thanks for providing such quality service. Happy Holidays to you as well!"

"I was referred to you by at Athena Health. She said you did a terrific job for her during her opening event and she thought you might be able to help out with some security needs in early June."


"I would like to thank Anthony Dennis and his crew for a job well done on the Phase 2 Project. They have performed their responsibilities with only a few minor problems. I sincerely hope that Mid State introduction to working with ABIA continues with many more opportunities for their services. They have a 5 star endorsement from me."


"If we choose to use security officers during the next 40 days, we would definitely choose DSAPS. Let me know if you would not want us to schedule it, otherwise I'm sure you will be hearing from me in a few months!"